Kansai Co., Ltd.


New graduate recruitment

Kansai Sangyo celebrates its 80th anniversary by working to improve the global environment with its unique technologies.
We are looking for people to join us in creating a new Kansai Sangyo for our 100th anniversary!


Job description

Open Positions

Sales Engineer (Planning, Sales, Design and Development)

Course of study

All academic departments, all disciplines (university pawn)

Number of people raised

small number of people

Duty station

Head Office (Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture)

Initial salary

university graduate:210,000yen
graduate-school graduate:210,000yen

Various allowances

Commuting, position, technical, sales, etc.


Twice a year


Sundays, holidays and Saturdays(Depends on our calendar)

welfare programme

Various types of social insurance,Celibacy, Overseas Training(H3 Hong Kong, Macau/H4Australia/H5 China/H6 Bodobudur, Bali/H7 USA/H8 Bangkok Chiang Mai/H9 Guam/H10 Malaysia/H11 Fiji/H12 Cebu Island/H13 Bintan Island/H14 New Zealand/H15 Borneo/H16 Vienna,Prague/H17 Rome/H19 Phuket/H20 Bali Island/H21 Germany/H22 Angkor Wat/H23 Taiwan/H24 Vietnam/H25 Turkey/H27 Phnom Penh,Sihanoukville/H28 Phuket/H29 China/R1 France)

Schools that have adopted our products

Kinki University, Toyama University, Nihon University, Osaka University, Yamaguchi University, Shiga University, Ryukoku University, Meijo University, Shiga Prefectural University, Yamagata University, Tottori University, Osaka Institute of Technology, Fukui University of Technology, Mie University, Seisen University, Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology

The Recruitment Process
The selection process includes a written test, aptitude test, report, and interview.
We select candidates based on their character.